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Clientes que ya han liberado el poder de las compras 

Descubre cómo clientes de distintos sectores ya han liberado el poder de las compras con nosotros y han alcanzado mejores resultados financieros, han implantado procedimientos de compras excepcionales, gestionan el riesgo y han innovado todos sus procesos.

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OTB Group, a purchasing portal to promote the success of “Made in Italy” products worldwide

Case Study: OTB Group

Sourcing processes redesigned with BravoSolution for the digital world, to improve global efficiency, transparency and standardisation. A project developed to support international indirect procurement at the fashion group founded by Renzo Rosso, which controls Diesel and other […]

Coni, Online Procurement and Contracting for Total Transparency

Case Study: Coni

The Purchasing Office of Coni Servizi (part of the operating company of the Italian National Olympic Committee’s activities) has been using a digital platform to manage the supplier registry, tenders and contracts for projects including major construction works. […]

Helvetia Redefines its Purchasing Process and Goes Digital

Case Study: Helvetia

Using the integrated platform provided by BravoSolution, Helvetia is now able to manage supplier relationships across all procurement processes, from the selection process and contract assignment to performance assessment.

The insurance company has recently created a new Purchasing Management […]

Autogrill Procurement Management

Case Study: Autogrill

The group now has a presence in 30 countries, with 70% of turnover generated outside Italy, and has reorganised its processes from a single-country approach to centralised teams. Aldo Papa, global head of procurement activities, explains the goals […]

McDonald’s Procurement – Digital Transformation

Case Study: McDonald’s

The web portal created to optimise the procurement process manages the entire relationship online, from selection to negotiation. Reactions to the initiative have been very positive: by registering with the portal, suppliers can see straight away what sort […]