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BravoAdvantage Full Suite Overview

BravoAdvantage is the next generation procurement platform that enables organisations to generate more value, influence innovation and reduce risk across the supply chain.

Unlike traditional spend management and procure-to-pay solutions, BravoAdvantage integrates supplier lifetime value throughout the entire strategic procurement process […]

BravoAdvantage Supplier Value Management

With BravoAdvantage™ Supplier Value Management, you gain a comprehensive view of your organisation’s suppliers across the entire procurement process. This makes every step of the procurement process more efficient and effective.

Deploying BravoAdvantage Supplier Value Management allows you to clearly see […]

BravoAdvantage Savings Management

BravoAdvantage™ Savings Management empowers you to take control of your organisation’s savings management processes by streamlining the collection, approval and reporting across the entire organisation.

Whether you are dealing with one business unit or one hundred, you need a way to […]

BravoAdvantage Spend Analysis

El módulo Spend Analysis de BravoAdvantage, se ha definido tras años de experiencia en implementaciones con las mejores prácticas y tecnologías en compras estratégicas y como resultado se ha conseguido potenciar significativamente el ahorro para que reducir costes y mejorar la eficiencia […]

BravoAdvantage Sourcing

BravoAdvantage™ Sourcing enables you to work collaboratively to build, issue and evaluate sourcing events via a secure online solution. From sourcing the simplest products to complex categories, BravoAdvantage Sourcing streamlines the way you do business, and lowers costs on both […]

BravoAdvantage SourcingPlus

BravoAdvantage™ SourcingPlus enables you to leverage advanced analytical capabilities as part of a complete, end-to-end strategic procurement solution. These capabilities make your sourcing team more effective by providing a much larger set of supplier data to be compared in a […]

BravoAdvantage Contract Lifecycle Management

El módulo “Contract Lifecycle Management” de BravoAdvantage™ proporciona una perspectiva sin precedentes de los contratos entre la empresa y sus proveedores. Al proporcionar visibilidad en toda la organización, la solución mejora el seguimiento, negociación y gestión de cada contrato para […]